The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Way

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The Church of The Blessed Virgin Mary of the Way was built between the mid-thirteenth and early fourteenth century. In Romanesque style, is the result of volumetric-spatial evolution lasted until the XX century. The original structure consisted of a single nave with a truss roof, which in later times were added masonry vaults (1755) and the north aisle with vault (XVII century). During the twentieth century it was built a combined sacristy. The facade is embellished by a rosette and a portal framed between two columns on high plinths and surmounted by capitals, which support two animals squatting, a lion and a bull, from which arms engage the cusp of realizing a kind of porch. monolithic lintel of the portal is depicted in bas-relief the Annunciation scene. A crowning of the whole church runs along the perimeter of the decoration hanging arches. Laterally, under the bell tower in eighteenth-century sailing, it is a Byzantine sundial with the hours indicated in Greek and Latin. Leaning against the north side of the church is the chapel of the Annunciation, complete with frescoes. Traces of frescoes dating from between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries are present on the inner walls of the church.

Source: Wikipedia - Picture by Lupiae


Taurisano, Lecce
Corso Umberto I, 38



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