The Church of Our Blessed Lady Mediatrix

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The Sanctuary of Our Blessed Lady Mediatrix was built in 1934 on the ancient "Our Lady of Graces" outside the walls in Via Foggia. The current Sanctuary of Our Blessed Lady Mediatrix is the Church in Troia with the largest number of bells (nine) of different sizes and weights. They are arranged in three storeys in an iron castle and only five of them (the first, the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth) electrically ring. Melted by the award-winning De Poli factory located in Vittorio Veneto in 1933, the holy year of redemption desired by Pius XI, they are all decorated with high-reliefs bearing the symbols of Scripture and Liturgy, and the five larger ones also have a script dictated by P. Sartori.

Contatti - (+39) 0881970057


Troia, Foggia
Via Regina Margherita, 9



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